Learning using Microprof

  • Can be applied to any subject, works just as well with English, History, Maths or Irish.
  • Help you learn twice as much in half the time.
  • Allows you to track your learning rate against your peers.
  • Provides a way to set and meet study goals in an engaging, gamified interface.

Teaching using Microprof

  • Gives teachers an extra set of tools to teach students.
  • Provides deep insight to the learning pattern of individual students.
  • Supplies reliable engagement metrics about students, so you can get them the help they need.
  • Displays a deeper understanding of a students' strengths and weaknesses.

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The Results

  • Student vocabulary learning & recall rates have improved, to between 100 and 140 words learned per hour.
  • Users became engaged enough to be studying during weekends and holiday periods.
  • Using Microprof on the go allowed students the ability to use previously wasted time while commuting.

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What our users are saying

I think I could use this with any subject. Much nicer than working from a copy book.
Could make learning a lot more fun, it's a bit like a game.
I've used it for learning checklists for work. It's handy.

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